Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sharing the EVO experience - What is EVO?

EVO (Electronic Village Online) is a set of free online workshops dealing with a range of topics related to the field of language teaching and the integration of new tools to the ELT classroom. EVO takes place annually, over five weeks, starting on the second week of January, and it is attended by hundreds of teachers around the globe.

EVO sessions are moderated by teachers and teacher trainers from different backgrounds, according to the topic, and held 100% online. Sessions are mostly hands-on workshops, where tools and resources are shared and participants are expected to explore them and come up with their own conclusions and materials. The good thing is that, in general, materials and assignments are shared on wikis or blogs so that participants can work at their own pace. Some moderators also offer weekly webinars where doubts are cleared and questions answered. You can find more information on EVO and prior sessions here.

I chose to take part in two sessions: Digital tools in the classroom (moderated by Carla Arena, Ana Maria Menezes and Jane Petring among other trainers from different countries) and Digital storytelling for kids (moderated by Shelly Terrell, Barbara Sakamoto, Özge Karaoglu, Jennifer Verschoor and David Dodgson among others). I knew most of the moderators because I follow them on Twitter, and I was really excited to be able to attend their sessions because I knew they would be just great!

I must say I realize now that I was far too ambitious to register for two sessions, because there are lots of tools and resources to explore and I’m finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of both groups! However, I’m doing my best to take every advantage of this great opportunity to meet educators from around the world and discover new and exciting tools!

I’ll blog about this experience weekly. You are welcome to join the ride!     

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