Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fun with images!

Hi! This is the story of the wild summer I spent with my friend in our trip around the world. This is a picture of us:

We lived incredible adventures and found ourselves doing things we'd never dared to imagine!

We fiercely fighted the most dangerous enemies, in a struggle against organized crime and corruption and, well,  we gained some new enemies on our way.

It was the best summer ever! We even banquished a terrible witch (creepy image BTW)!

The press spent the summer after us and at last, they got this one pic.

Oh yeah, it was a wild, WILD summer! And it was fun too!

Most of us like playing around with images. I had a lot of fun doing this (with the help of my daughters!). I'm thinking how I might use this in class, but I haven't come up with many ideas to be honest. A couple of things spring to mind:

  • Description of physical characteristics
  • Description of changes and processes 
  • Telling of stories like mine (although everything I said is true, honest!)

 Any ideas? Help please!

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