Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sharing the EVO experience - Week 1

If you are not familiar with EVO (Electronic Village Online) you might want to start here.

Week 1 was a week of introductions in both sessions. Participants were encouraged to introduce themselves using visually appealing tools to share personal and work information. The result was great! I met teachers from many different places and discovered some nice tools at the same time!

The first task was to get acquainted with the different platforms used during the sessions (EdmodoPosterousWikispaces and Yahoo Groups). Participants were also asked to create a blog or wiki to keep their personal portfolios.

The second step was to create a personal space to introduce ourselves to the group. Some of the tools proposed by the moderators were Glogster,  Animoto,  About.me,  Flavors.me   and  Prezi.

I decided to use Glogster because I liked the idea of sharing links and pictures on the same canvas. Want to have a look?

These are links to only a few of the many introductions shared by other participants in their blogs. Enjoy them!

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