Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Some days ago, I came across this lovely video about teachers and the effect of a good teacher on our lives. Watching it was fun and, I must say, thought-provoking! These are some of the beautiful things that people in the video remember learning with the help of their teachers:

I learnt I didn't need to be like everybody else.

I learnt that everything is possible.

I learnt that you can approach knowledge with a sense of wonder and fun.

I learnt how to be myself.

A good teacher inspires you, invites you to venture into new worlds, changes your life. We keep repeating it and we keep forgetting it: being a good teacher is not about the academic content (at least not only about the academic content). Being a teacher is a unique opportunity to touch someone's life and a huge responsibility. I guess it all comes down to a simple question: what kind of teacher do I want to be?

We are approaching the end of the academic year here in Argentina, so I have some time to think. 

Hope you have an inspiring summer!

See you soon!


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