Monday, 23 July 2012

Put it on a timeline!

Timelines are a visual, easy way to display information that could otherwise look thorny or complicated. This is a timeline with a brief history of the role of the first language on second language acquisition research, which I made for my Contrastive Linguistics class.

What I like about this timeline is that I can have a quick overview and text view as well, where my explanations and comments are neatly organized.

Other timeline generators:

This is probably the best known online timeline generator. It's good when you add specific events but it's not that simple when it comes to seeing the attached comments.

It helps you create visually appealing timelines, with pictures and videos, etc. The problem is you can't edit your timeline once you finish it, so you have only one shot (unless you subscribe to the full version).

Capzles is nice to create personal timelines, useful to work on projects about holidays, personal stories, etc.

Timeline Maker for Schools
This is a more basic, easier tool to use with kids.

Do you know any others? Let's add them here!

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