Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fun with images!

Hi! This is the story of the wild summer I spent with my friend in our trip around the world. This is a picture of us:

We lived incredible adventures and found ourselves doing things we'd never dared to imagine!

We fiercely fighted the most dangerous enemies, in a struggle against organized crime and corruption and, well,  we gained some new enemies on our way.

It was the best summer ever! We even banquished a terrible witch (creepy image BTW)!

The press spent the summer after us and at last, they got this one pic.

Oh yeah, it was a wild, WILD summer! And it was fun too!

Most of us like playing around with images. I had a lot of fun doing this (with the help of my daughters!). I'm thinking how I might use this in class, but I haven't come up with many ideas to be honest. A couple of things spring to mind:

  • Description of physical characteristics
  • Description of changes and processes 
  • Telling of stories like mine (although everything I said is true, honest!)

 Any ideas? Help please!

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  1. Great post,Barbara. I like your ideas. You can connect those to comparison, tenses and stuff. I guess there are lots of ways to use this in class. You might find Nik´s post on Manga images interesting
    = )

  2. Thanks for your comment and your suggestion María Inés! T think I might write a new post with all the interesting suggestions I got from some of my FB and TW friends! Big hugs!

  3. Hi Barbara, just read your comment on Jeremy Harmer´s blog about OLPC and I couldn´t agree more with you.
    That reminded me of your fantastic blog and I decided to pay a visit. I really like your Photofunia images. When I worked at International House we used them as a whole school project, where we morphed teachers images by making them look like famous stars. Then we made a poster with all the images and each level visited the board and tried to guess who was their teacher (using different skills depending on the level). Students really enjoyed the activity. We used this website:
    Talk to you soon :)

  4. Bárbara P. García3 May 2012 at 12:42

    Hi Daniela (it's Daniela, right? You appear as anonymous here but as Creative Technology on the notification. Weird)! Thanks for your kind comment! I love images, I think they are fun to work with! I'll visit the website to check out the activity. Keep in touch!