Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sharing the EVO experience - Week 3

I just loved being part of EVO this week! I discovered tons of interesting tools to make animated videos and work on listening-comprehension. Have a look!

Week 3 at Digital Storytelling for kids

This week we explored some tools to make video stories for children. After a great introduction to the topic by Dave Dodgson, we had a look at some essential tools, like Animoto and Photopeach, and then we plunged into animation. The moderators suggested three tools, which participants used to create some pretty impressive videos!

Go animate

This is a video my ten-year-old daughter created in just five minutes. She was thrilled!

Also, have a look at these great videos by some of my fellow participants!

Week 3 at Digital Tools for the Classroom

We worked on listening-comprehension this week. The moderators organized a fantastic "Listening Treasure Hunt" in which we had 30 minutes to explore 12 amazing websites and then choose at least two of them to create a lesson plan. The time was short, so I must admit I "cheated" and spent a lot more on each tool, really enjoying them! 

Movie segments to assess grammar goals
This is a very interesting site which I've used before (actually this blog's been in my blogroll for a while). You can find short sections taken from well-known movies and exercises to work on grammar. It's an incredibly job carried out by Claudio Azevedo, the blogger behind it.

Stories for children told by children. Great idea! The only problem I found is that, while the stories are intended for children, kids in Argentina rarely reach the level of English to understand them (except for bilingual school students).

10 questions
A selection of reader-submitted questions on serves as a basis for a candid interview with major entertainers, business leaders and other influential personalities from around  the world. Really great authentic input!

Listen and write
A dictation site organized by level. Great source for listening material.

Am New York
A sample of speakers from New York talking about their lives and thoughts. Great to work on accents.

Pretty much along the lines of AM New York but with speakers of British English.

Teaching with TED
This is an awsome wiki with tons of ideas to use TED in the classroom. Although I've used TED many times, I didn't know this site. Very useful!

Wordia is a site where you can search for specific words and find videos related to the topic of your interest. Some of the topics also include educational games.

Hope you enjoy going through all these 
great resources as much as I did!

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